Problems of Natural Cordyceps

  • Insect is needed In nature this bath moth lifecycle is long (3-5 years to be adult moth)
  • Restricted by religion Vegetarian could not be benefiting from this precious herbs

Price Rise

Market demand for cordyceps is high & harvest is less cause price rise to    >RM150K per kg


Natural Cordyceps easily contaminated. Some businessman inject metal powder coating & liquid to increase the weight of cordyceps


Components affect SIMILARITY of cordyceps are parasitic on moths & natural environment. Artificial Culture Cordyceps Militaries will reduce the active ingredients

Wide Spread Imitation

Cordyceps Militaries are mostly selling in market instead of Cordyceps Sinesiis

Cultivated Vs Wild Cordyceps

OphioCS4 Pure Extract,10g Cordyceps Stroma (Wild)
Affordable to everyone, around RM3 per 500mg of pure extract Overpricing RM 58,000 per kg . Equivalent to RM29 per 500mg powder
Contains higher amount of Adenosine and Cordycepin Contains low amount of  Adenosine and Cordycepin
Free from contamination toxicity & heavy metals Heavy metals contamination
No live insect involved Dead insect is involved
No religion restriction, 100% Vegetarian friendly. Religious restriction
Consistent quality from controlled environmental conditions Quality varies from time to time
Environmental friendly, no overharvesting Overharvesting issue, non-environment friendly