Impact on Overharvesting

  1. Due to the increased of DCXC pricing, it stimulated the local economy and gradually become the main sourced of income of many of the local farmers and herdmens.
  2. During the harvesting seasons, thousands of locals & migrants travels to QingHai-Tibet & SiChuan-Tibet Plateau & search inch-by-inch for the new edible gold DCXC.
  3. This had led to severe damage to the eco-environment and the local grassland. On top of this, the increased amount of population & human activities around these areas as well as some natural factors like drought and water resources shortage had catalyzed the speed of degradation and desertification of the grassland, up to 40% of the effect!
  4. All these are part of the WHY wild cordyceps are so expensive as GOLD. SGD 192 for 2 gram = SGD 96,000 /kg MYR 293,000/kg