Professor Shoji Ohga

After 45 years of research, Prof Ohga and his team manage to cultivate genuine Ophiocordyceps Sinensis in his laboratory.

New technology introduced by Prof. Shoji Ohga cultivating Ophiocordyceps Sinensis in laboratory to replicate an unique growth conditions that are geographically authentic to the natural habitat of wild cordyceps.

Ophiocordyceps Sinensis is native to the Himalayas and other mountainous parts of Asia. Its been one of the best species of cordyceps with health proven by Kyushu University Hospital.

Dr Mushroom

  • Professor in Faculty of Agriculture Specialty in fungal research, Forest Resources Research
  • 45 years Research &Development in medicinal mushroom & successfully develop Ophiocordyceps sinesis fungus F007 15 years ago.


  • Professor of Kyushu University, Faculty of Agriculture
  • Director of Science Museum of Kyushu University
  • Director of Korean Research Centre of Kyushu University
  • President of Fukuoka Mushroom Research Association
  • Special assessment committee of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture,
  • Forestry and Fisheries
  • The editor of International Fungi Journal, USA
  • Visiting professor at British National Institute of Horticulture, University
  • of London & Chungbuk National University.
  • Vice president of the Japan Mushroom Society
  • Chairman of the West Japan Branch of the Mycological Society of Japan
  • Chairman of the Fukuoka Mushroom Society
  • Member of Global Research Federation, Australia


  • The 23rd Mori Kisaku Mushroom Award (2001)
  • The 42nd Japan Wood Science Award (2002)
  • The 7th Mushroom Science Award (2007)


  • Story of Tree 100 (co-authored). Kodansha, Tokyo (2005)
  • Invitation to Mushroom Studies (edited), Kaiseisha, Otsu (2004)
  • Lively book (co-author). )
  • Mushroom Yearbook (co-author), Plants World, Tokyo (2004)
  • Interactive learning software CD-ROM
    “Let’s learn mushrooms ・ Learn from mushrooms ・ Let’s live with mushrooms” (edited), NPO Gunma (2003)
    ・Wood Science lecture 11 biotechnology (co-author), Umiaosha, Otsu (2002)
    and living environment theory (co-author), cytidine Shokan, Tokyo (2002)
  • Science of-mushroom (co-author), cytidine Shokan, Tokyo (2001)